Vision and Scope

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Vision and Scope Document

Vision and Scope Document

For the Discovery Center Touch Screen Application
Version 1.0
Prepared by Brandon Kiso, Seth Malone, Kurtis Pearce, Derek Vantassel
Missouri State University & Otterbein College
February 13, 2009

1. Problem Statement

1.1. Project Background

The business driver behind the development of the touch screen application is the lack of motivation by the Discovery Center to use existing touch screen monitors that are on their premises. The Discovery Center of Springfield has approximately forty touch screen monitors it is currently not using, and is allowing a combination of Missouri State University students and Otterbein College students to develop a software application that could be of service to the Center.

1.2. Stakeholders

The stakeholders for the Discovery Center touch screen application include Missouri State University software engineering students and teacher, as well as Otterbein College software engineering students and teacher. Other stakeholders include the Discovery Center of Springfield’s personnel, and also their visitors. The students working on the application will be gaining valuable experience with the software engineering process. The Discovery Center personnel will need to be familiar with the software that the students develop so they can operate the touch screen monitors.

1.3. Users

The prominent users of the touch screen application that will be developed will be the patrons of the Discovery Center. The majority of the users will be of a younger demographic and will need to be able to go through the interactive presentation without confusion. The application should present our message clearly and incorporate transparency to the users, in order for them to not have to put a lot of thought into what it is that they are doing.

1.4. Risks

There are several risks this touch screen project entails. One risk includes the possible lack of communication between the Missouri State University project team and the Otterbein College team, being that the two schools are so separated by such as long distance. There could also be a problem with scheduling conflicts between the two schools. The Missouri State software engineering course ends on Wednesday, May 13, while the winter Otterbein course ends Friday, March 13th. The subsequent spring course at Otterbein College is set to begin Monday, March 30th ending on Friday, June 5th. With such different timetables, the students at the two institutions involved in the project could have difficulties if the project schedule was to get off.

2. Vision of the Solution

2.1. Vision Statement

The touch screen application project should provide the Discovery Center with something that they can present to their customers to give them added information about their current exhibits. Instead of having these touch screens going to waste, it will offer them a way to make their customers experience more enjoyable. The project will also need to be very appealing to younger audiences, as that is the Discovery Center’s main demographic. Another compelling reason for this project is that it can give the students working on the touch screen application a better understanding of the software development, and software engineering processes.

2.2. Major Features
  • Should have a sturdy frame to hold the touch screen monitor
  • Will have a graphical user interface so that the touch screen provides functionality
  • The user interface must be simple enough for the projected younger audience
  • The application will have a defense mechanism that will recognize when unruly visitors use the application in a manner that is unintended
  • The application will have a map of the Discovery Center’s facility, with clickable labels on where different exhibits are - that give information about each exhibit, as well as labels where the facilities restrooms are located
  • There will be scrolling marquee with information about upcoming events at the Discovery Center.
2.3. Features That Will Not Be Developed
  • Database features
  • Multi-language support
  • File saving capabilities
  • Networking capabilities
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