Other Resources

This page is intended to hold project-related resources that will be handy for all Shark Jumpers.

Here are some miscellaneous documents

Notes from Ken Vollmar meeting at DC, 4 March 2009 (Word)
Ken Vollmar thoughts on SW architecture, 4 March 2009 (Word)
Ken Vollmar thoughts on touchscreen areas, 4 March 2009 (Word)
Alex Hutchins Touch Screen Setup instructions, December 2008 (pdf)
Ken Vollmar's report on Alex Hutchins Indepdendent Study, December 2008 (Word)

C SC 450

The following are related Missouri State's CSC 450 Software Engineering course, which SJMSU members are taking concurrently with the project.

SJOC members took a software engineering course C SC 325 last fall so their project course is stand-alone.

CSC 450 website
CSC 450 Course Policy Statement (combines syllabus and schedule) (pdf)
CSC 450 textbook website
CSC 450 textbook PPTs (zip)

Photos from Discovery Center demo, 13 May 2009

Front Row: Brandon Kiso, Robert (DC), Angela Ward (DC).
Back row: Kim doverspike (DC), Derek Vantassel, Kurtis Pearce, Seth Malone.

This looked Important:

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